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whens the multiplayer update

the update will come out in 2038


Hi! Played your game recently and I thought it was pretty good! Wasn't a huge fan of the keypad sequence but everything else was top notch!

scary and has u on edge


Mark and Jose try to get Bart and Maggie out of the Simpson household before Homer unalives them both!

why in the icon of this game he looked pale like he was drowned or somethin lol

I gotta be honest I didnt watch much of the simpsons growing up but i do know of them. The fact that one thing set this over worked man to the point of breaking is real to me. That you take the role of his kid who his father is a killer and must survive is bone chilling. I wont lie that i was scared when playing this game. 

This game will chill you to your bones, yellow your teeth and peel back your toenails. Great game for a spooky experience! Definitely check it out or Homer may come knocking at your door..

Loved the game😁

This Game will catch you off guard!

It’s one of a kind Garunteed to make you anxious 10/10 

watch here if your interested in some gameplay.

If you wanna see a creapy game in the Simpsons' world, this is it. It's a family massacre, like an episode of the "Tree house of horror" of "The Shinning" but worst...


Si querés ver un juego turbio de Los Simpson, es este. Es una masacre familiar, como un capítulo de 'La casita del horror' de 'El resplandor', pero peor...

Un juego entretenido para pasarse un rato de sustos, aunque todo este hecho de manera casera esta piola el juego😛🤙

this was such a fun ggame to play took me ages to find maggie tho!!!

Decent game! 

Here is my playthrough:

poor Bart all that work for no reason

I like it.

Had fun playing this one. It also did get me!!

the game was funny 

Really Fun Game 5/5 Gameplay starts at 9:27

Absolutely loved this game. Keep up the good work my dude!

Really fun and simple to play

I Absolutely had so much fun playing the game and I look forward to playing your future titles.

Loving your games! Keep up the good work!


imagine if moe had shut down the tavern as well

Lol, he might set the house on fire.


It felt like a 3-D treehouse of horror! I liked this a lot, please do more like this.  I played this as part of my new 3 Spooky Games series and this was game #3 in my 'Ruining Your Childhood' edition. Gameplay starts up at 17:30. Awesome job!

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This game was hilarious and scary at the exact same time, I loved every second of it! It took me awhile to find the key along with the ability to escape Homers wraith.

It was an interesting game, definitely.

I also made a video on it, with my reactions and jumpscares! Please, check it out if you’re interested in spooky content!

Great job on the game man! 

What a neat, funny and cool little game! I enjoyed it a lot! I just wished that we saw Homer snap, but oh well, it was still good! This is my version of the game, please check it out and enjoy!

Also, you should have just called the game Homercide! A much snappier title, still it's all good, well done dev! 

Interesting episode of The Simpsons for sure..


how do you skip the diary lol it's sooo slow

fun game loved it = )


Homer actually creeped up on me and scared me half to death! Nice simple quick game!

This game was done really well love the atmosphere of it and Homer was terrifying especially when he would laugh and chase you great job! 

Honestly you did an amazing Job on this! I had a lot of fun playing this and when Homer was chasing me I was genuinely panicking!


I work in a translation team (Portuguese translations), and we would like to contact you if you would like to partner and have a translation.
Thank you for your time if you happen to read this.

The Aozora team.

Olá, Vocês tambem criam jogos?

Really fun little indie horror based off The Simpsons. Would love to see a sequel with additional characters in different environments. Probably 10-15 mins to beat. 7/10.

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